Aleksei Ilin

Activity: Hosting a visitorAcademic


Title: Commutative Bethe subalgebras in Yangians

We define the family of commutative Bethe subalgebras of the Yangian of any simple Lie algebra parameterized by the corresponding adjoint group $G$. We extend the parameter space of Bethe subalgebras to the wonderful compactification of $G$, introduced by De Concini and Procesi. Then we restrict to the case when parameter is a regular element from the torus, show that these subalgebras are free and maximal commutative, and give the definition of limit subalgebras. We consider the case of $\mathfrak{sl}_n$ as an example.
Period17 Jun 2019
Visiting fromHigher School of Economics, Moscow (Russian Federation)
Visitor degreePhD
Degree of RecognitionLocal