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SPEAX Workshop: Welfare Reform Roundtable

SPEAX Workshop: Welfare Reform Roundtable (31st March 2014) The third SPEAX workshop of 2014 focused on lessons for Korea from the UK’s welfare reform agenda. Taking the form of a roundtable event, the workshop was organised by SPEAX as part of a package of study tour activities assembled for officials from South Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare and related organisations such as the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs, Korea Central Self-Sufficiency Foundation and Korea Ministry of Safety and Public Administration. The session featured presentations from University of York researchers on two major projects examining key aspects of welfare reform. Professor Peter Dwyer, who heads the ESRC’s Welfare Conditionality programme outlined key issues around sanctions, support and behavior change. Professor Roy Sainsbury, Research Director at York’s Social Policy Research Unit presented findings from his research on the UK government’s Work Programme. Their talks were supplemented by a presentation from a senior official from the UK government’s Department for Work and Pensions on the Universal Credit programme and the roundtable discussion featured contributions from local government officials and social policy scholars. The session was led by John Hudson and Neil Lunt from SPEAX, with York Social Policy PhD student Miyang Jun providing invaluable support in translating the talks. As part of the study tour Neil, Miyang and another York Social Policy PhD student - Eunkyung Shin – accompanied the party on site visits to a Job Centre Plus office and to a private sector recruitment company.
Period31 Mar 20141 Apr 2014
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