Health System Performance Assessment: insights into the four health system functions

Activity: Talk or presentationLecture


Improving health system performance is vital in establishing and supporting resilient health systems. Health policies need to focus on the interventions that improve health system performance, thus strengthening them.
The first step in improving health system is to assess its performance. Rajan et al. (2022) state that this can be best achieved if a conceptual lens is used to understand the “health system structures, its inputs and the outputs and outcomes that they feed into”.

Using both the Health System Performance Assessment (HSPA) Framework for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) (Papanicolas et al., 2022) and Murray and Frenk (2000), I will provide a summary overview of four health system functions – governance (stewardship in Murray and Frenk), resource generation, financing and service delivery.

The main focus will, however, be on financing and service delivery, with examples provided from high income countries.

These functions will be presented along the general typology of health care systems: tax-based; national health insurance, social health insurance, and private health insurance (market and community-rated).

A total of 6 online lectures were delivered via Zoom to UG, PG students as well as academic staff.

Period28 Nov 202212 Dec 2022
Held atHunan University, China