Istituto di Scienze Marine, Bologna

Activity: Visiting an external institutionAcademic


Lecture and Research Meeting at ISMAR (Istituto di Scienze Marine), Bologna, Italy

Gave a lectureon recent DISPERSE research in the Red Sea and met Marco Ligi, Marco Taviani, other members of their research groups, and Najeeb Rasul of the Saudi Geological Survey, to discuss recent results of underwater and on-land geological survey in the Red Sea and Saudi Arabia, dating of volcanic and coral samples, and the potential for future collaboration.
Period10 Feb 201511 Feb 2015
VisitingIstituto di Scienze Marine, Bologna


  • Argon-Argon dating
  • Volcanic landscapes
  • Saudi Arabia
  • U-series dating
  • Red Sea
  • Coral terraces
  • Submerged landscapes