Meet the 2020 Blavatnik Awards UK Chemistry Honorees

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The Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists in the UK recognized three outstanding Chemists in 2020: Chemistry Laureate, Dr. Kirsty Penkman from the University of York, an analytical chemist leads a research program that has made tremendous advances in our ability to accurately date ancient fossils which could lead to a new understanding of human evolution and climate change. Prof. Matthew Fuchter an organic chemist from Imperial College London and Prof. Stephen Goldup a synthetic chemist from the University of Southampton were recognized as Chemistry Finalists. Prof. Fuchter uses a detailed understanding of molecular structural design to invent novel molecules and materials, demonstrating the potential to significantly alter the properties of carbon-based electronics, such as organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), as well as define novel therapeutic approaches for the treatment of diseases ranging from malaria to cancer. Prof. Goldup has made tremendous advances in the controlled synthesis and novel application of mechanically interlocked molecules (MIMs).
Period10 Mar 2020