Personnel Review (Journal)

  • Umeh, C. (Reviewer)
  • Eddy Ng (Guest editor)
  • Pauline Stanton (Guest editor)

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The human resource management discipline faces many new and complex challenges globally. At the macro level many countries face enormous workforce shortages especially of highly skilled workers, while other countries have to manage a workforce dominated by underutilized, underemployed, and unskilled workers. High inflation in many parts of the world has led to decreasing living standards, high housing costs, and demands for higher wages. Added to this is the unknown impact of artificial intelligence on jobs, the threat of climate change, the dangers of pandemics, disease and war. How do these challenges impact on the workplace globally in particular on the traditional functions of HRM and the practices captured in HRM textbooks?

In this call for papers, we are seeking to capture the current state of the discipline and the global challenges. As a “Journal of People, Work and Organisation,” we are recentering the role of human resource management in enhancing the lives of people at work and in organizations. We are looking for papers that focus on the key HRM practices and review where they came from and where they might be headed. What changes have we seen in the past 20 years in the philosophy or priorities of specific human resource management practices? How has the language and strategies evolved? These papers should offer a state of the literature review, identify the key themes and challenges emerging from the literature, and suggest directions for the future. We are not looking for empirical papers nor are we looking for descriptive bibliometric reviews.

List of Topic Areas
Workforce planning recruitment;
Selection job design equity;
Diversity and inclusion compensation;
Reward performance review workplace health;
Safety training;
Development industrial relations.
Period31 Jan 202430 Nov 2024
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