Somdatta Sinha

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Visit of Professor Somdatta Sinha (Indian Institute of Science, Education & Research Mohali, India)

Professor Sinha has a wide range of interests in the mathematical and statistical modelling of biological systems. She is a Fellow of all three Science Academies of India, and also holds the prestigious J C Bose Fellowship from the Government of India. Research Seminar 'Modelling Infectious Diseases: from genomes to populations' in Biology B/B/103 13:00-14:00 8 July 2016. Abstract: Development and spread of any Infectious disease in a population involve host-pathogen interactions at different levels of organization. At one end, this interaction can leave signatures of adaptation at the host and/or the pathogen's genomes. On the other end, interactions between hosts/ pathogens, through biological, environmental and social factors, finally decide the spread of infection at the population level. The overall temporal incidence pattern of a disease in a population is an outcome of the interaction of all the processes at these multiple scales. In this talk I will give two examples of modeling infectious diseases at two different scales. First, I will show, through statistical analysis of genomic signatures, what information can be obtained about the host-pathogen adaptation over time using the Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1 as the model system. At the population level, I will discuss a biologically realistic mathematical model of Malaria and show how only changes in environmental factors can explain the disease incidence pattern in different endemic regions in India.
Period8 Jul 2016
Visiting fromIndian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) (India)
Visitor degreeIndian