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Neanderthals, our distant cousins, first appeared in Eurasia around 400,000 years ago. They’ve long been portrayed as sturdy, but brutish and dim-witted: the ultimate caveman. But ever since the first Neanderthal fossil was discovered in the mid-19th century, it’s been impossible to grasp who they really were and how they lived —until now.

New archeological discoveries, combined with cutting-edge scientific techniques, are bringing us closer than ever to Neanderthals. The Real Neanderthal, a new documentary from The Nature of Things, follows experts around the world as they uncover incredible new evidence which upends our perception of them. It seems Neanderthals were actually much more like us than we imagined.

The journey begins in the Netherlands, where world-renowned reconstruction artists — and identical twin brothers — Adrie and Alfons Kennis are using archaeological evidence and forensic methods to build life-like figures of a Neanderthal father and daughter.

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