The ‘Square Table’ meeting on transitional care for young people with palliative care needs Organised by ACT (Association for Children’s Palliative Care) and Children's Hospices UK.

Activity: OtherPublic engagement and outreach (social community and cultural engagement)


In Spring 2011, 37 unique events took place across England designed to deepen the level of shared understanding of children’s palliative care. Each event brought together life-limited and life-threatened young people and their families, a range of health, education and social care professionals and providers as well as countless other representatives from across the community including faith and business leaders. The events were called ‘Square Tables’, symbolising the equal weight and importance of all participants’ views. They created an environment for open and honest discussion and increased understanding between those who provide children’s palliative care, those who experience it and those that play a wider part in supporting children, young people and families in a particular community.
PeriodMar 2011


  • palliative care
  • children