Thinking With (Event)

Activity: Publication peer-review and editorial workJournal or guest editorship


In light of the recent postponement of the ASAP/12 annual conference in Salt Lake City, the editors of ASAP/Journal and ASAP/J invite you to take part in a special publishing event. This event is not meant to replace the conference; rather, our aim is to mobilize the publishing outlets of ASAP as means for staying in touch, working collaboratively, and responding to one another’s work.

To this end, the editors of ASAP/J—the online platform of ASAP/Journal—welcome multi-person contributions that explore how we think with each other even in each other’s absence. This is a formal rather than specifically topical call.

We invite you to consider the digital means at your disposal (video, image, audio, text, forums) and publishable on ASAP/J as you develop features or events to be published by and / or hosted on the site. We are happy to work with many digital formats, though if you have a particularly technical idea, please do contact us to see whether it will be possible. We welcome interviews, ‘cluster’ features of short form essays, multimedia virtual exhibitions and showcases, forums and other forms of discussion. While by no means a rule and depending on the number of authors per ‘cluster,’ text should be about 500-1500 words in length to foster dialogue, yield more experimental answers, and challenge disciplinary boundaries. In total, clusters will not exceed 6,000 words. We aim to publish discrete collaborative pieces at regular intervals from 1 October 2020 to 15 March 2021.
PeriodAug 2020Aug 2021
Event typeOther
Degree of RecognitionInternational