BEDMAP3 - Ice thickness, bed and surface elevation for Antarctica - standardised shapefiles and geopackages

  • Peter Fretwell (Creator)
  • Hamish Pritchard (Creator)
  • Alice Frémand (Creator)
  • Julien Bodart (Creator)
  • A. Aitken (Creator)
  • Jonathan Bamber (Creator)
  • R E Bell (Creator)
  • C. Bianchi (Creator)
  • Robert Bingham (Creator)
  • Donald Blankenship (Creator)
  • G. Casassa (Creator)
  • Ginny Catania (Creator)
  • K. Christianson (Creator)
  • H Conway (Creator)
  • Hugh Corr (Creator)
  • X Cui (Creator)
  • D. Damaske (Creator)
  • V. Damn (Creator)
  • R. Drews (Creator)
  • G. Eagles (Creator)
  • O. Eisen (Creator)
  • H. Eisermann (Creator)
  • F Ferraccioli (Creator)
  • Rene Forsberg (Creator)
  • S Franke (Creator)
  • S. Fujita (Creator)
  • Y. Gim (Creator)
  • V. Goel (Creator)
  • P Gogineni (Creator)
  • J.S. Greenbaum (Creator)
  • B. Hills (Creator)
  • Richard Hindmarsh (Creator)
  • P. Holmlund (Creator)
  • N. Holschuh (Creator)
  • J.W. Holt (Creator)
  • A. Humbert (Creator)
  • R. Jacobel (Creator)
  • D. Jansen (Creator)
  • Adrian Jenkins (Creator)
  • Wilfried Jokat (Creator)
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  • J MacGregor (Creator)
  • E. MacKie (Creator)
  • Kenichi Matsuoka (Creator)
  • Mathieu Morlighem (Creator)
  • Jeremie Mouginot (Creator)
  • Frank Nitsche (Creator)
  • Y. Nogi (Creator)
  • O. Nost (Creator)
  • John Paden (Creator)
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  • M. Studinger (Creator)
  • B. Sun (Creator)
  • I. Tabacco (Creator)
  • Kirsty Tinto (Creator)
  • S. Urbini (Creator)
  • David Vaughan (Creator)
  • B. Welch (Creator)
  • D. S. Wilson (Creator)
  • Duncan Young (Creator)
  • A. Zirizzotti (Creator)



We present here the Bedmap3 ice thickness, bed and surface elevation aggregated points and survey lines. The aggregated points consist of statistically-summarised shapefile points (centred on a continent-wide 500 m x 500 m grid) that reports the average values of Antarctic ice thickness, bed and surface elevation from the full-resolution survey data and information on their distribution. The points presented here correspond to the added points since the last release of Bedmap2. The data comes from 14 different data providers and 75 individual surveys. They are available as geopackages and shapefiles. The associated datasets consist of: - Bedmap1 statistically-summarised data points (shapefiles): - Bedmap2 statistically-summarised data points (shapefiles): - Bedmap3 standardised CSV data points: This work is supported by the SCAR Bedmap project and the British Antarctic Survey's core programme: National Capability - Polar Expertise Supporting UK Research

External deposit with NERC EDS UK Polar Data Centre
Date made available2022
PublisherNERC EDS UK Polar Data Centre
Date of data production1 Jan 1971 - 31 Dec 2020
Geographical coverageAntarctica
Geospatial polygon-90.0, 180.0, -60.0, -180.0

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