British feature films 1960-69



This set of data includes all British feature films of 55 minutes or over that were released theatrically in the UK in the period from 1 January 1960 to 31 December 1969. The information includes principal cast, crew, production, financing, distribution, awards and reception. This database effectively provides a detailed map of the decade. The information was gathered from a variety of sources including: Denis Gifford’s British Film Catalogue Volume 1, Fiction Film 1895-1994 (London: Fitzroy Dearborn, 2001), Film Index International, IMDb, the BBFC database, Film Finances, Kinematograph Weekly, The Daily Cinema, the BAFTA Awards Database and BFI Screenonline.
Date made available2018
PublisherUniversity of York
Temporal coverage1 Jan 1960 - 31 Dec 1969
Date of data productionJan 2015 - Feb 2018
Geographical coverageUK

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