Coastal shell middens and agricultural origins in Atlantic Europe



This database contains information gathered as part of Naomi Belshaw's PhD.

The aim of the thesis was to investigate the distribution of Mesolithic and Early Neolithic coastal sites in Scotland. In order to explore this three research questions were posed:

To what extent does relative sea level change affect our understanding of coastal distribution of sites through time?
How might the resource potential of certain areas have an effect on the distribution of sites?
Has archaeological investigation biased our understanding of coastal site distribution?

In order to answer these questions the data from radiocarbon dated coastal sites (9000-3000 cal. BC) in Scotland have been collated and entered into a custom designed database in Microsoft Access. It is a relational database with table recording different types of information, broadly including location data, dating of the site and associated finds.
Date made available2012
PublisherArchaeology Data Service
Geographical coverageScotland

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