Code and data for "Costly lifetime maternal investment in killer whales"

  • Michael N. Weiss (Creator)
  • Samuel Ellis (University of Exeter Medical School, University of Exeter, Exeter, United Kingdom.) (Creator)
  • Daniel Wayne Franks (Creator)
  • Mia Lybkᴂr Kronborg Nielsen (Creator)
  • Michael A. Cant (Creator)
  • Rufus A. Johnstone (Creator)
  • David K. Ellifrit (Creator)
  • Kenneth C. Balcomb (Creator)
  • Darren P Croft (Creator)



R code and data necessary to reproduce all analyses from the manuscript "Costly lifetime maternal investment in killer whales." Included is reproductive history data on 40 southern resident killer whale females, the R code to fit Bayesian regression models, code to produce the plots in the manuscript, and code to perform sensitivity analysis for fixed effect priors.

External deposit with Zenodo.
Date made available19 Dec 2022

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