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This work serves to highlight the difference of the distinct spatial distribution of H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) in the effluent of the kINPen-sci plasma jet and the COST reference microplasma jet (COST Jet) operated with humidified helium. For this purpose, the density of H2O2 has been measured spatially resolved using cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy employing continuous wave cavity ring-down spectroscopy (cw-CRDS) with a tunable mid-infrared laser. The average number density of H2O2 in the effluent of the kINPen-sci plasma jet is a factor of two higher than in the effluent of the COST Jet. The distribution of H2O2 in the COST-Jet effluent is initially highly uniform and suggests negligible mixing of H2O2 with the ambient air up to 15 mm from the jet nozzle, although it is rapidly diluted at further distances. In the case of the kINPen-sci plasma jet, the number density of H2O2 has a more pronounced radial distribution close to the nozzle, while the mixing with the ambient air is more gradual at further distances from the nozzle.

External deposit with INPTDAT – The Data Platform for Plasma Technology.
Date made available13 Nov 2023
PublisherINPTDAT – The Data Platform for Plasma Technology

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