Data for: "Measuring Proteins in H2O using 2D-IR Spectroscopy; Pre-Processing Steps and Applications towards a Protein Library"

  • Samantha H. Rutherford (Contributor)
  • Alison Nordon (Creator)
  • Neil Terrence Hunt (Creator)
  • Matthew L. Baker (Creator)
  • Gregory M Greetham (Creator)
  • Anthony W Parker (Creator)
  • Samantha H. Rutherford (Contributor)



This dataset contains 2D-IR spectra, in csv format. Six folders exist, two for each case study containing the raw data and the fully pre-processed data (as described in the publication, however spectral normalisation to the protein amide I has not performed in the AGR and Glycine datasets). Each spectrum is a matrix whereby the columns denote the pump (excitation) axis and the rows are the probe (detection) axis. For the protein library, each sample has two corresponding spectra at two different waiting times (0.25 and 5.0) and is allocated a number in order to identify correct pairs for each sample.

External deposit with University of Strathclyde.
Date made available1 Nov 2022
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde

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