Data from: The CellPhe toolkit for cell phenotyping using time-lapse imaging and pattern recognition

  • Laura Wiggins (Creator)



With phenotypic heterogeneity in whole cell populations widely recognised, the demand for quantitative and temporal analysis approaches to characterise single cell morphology and dynamics has increased. We present CellPhe, a pattern recognition toolkit for the unbiased characterisation of cellular phenotypes within time-lapse videos. CellPhe imports tracking information from multiple segmentation and tracking algorithms to provide automated cell phenotyping from different imaging modalities, including fluorescence. To maximise data quality for downstream analysis, our toolkit includes automated recognition and removal of erroneous cell boundaries induced by inaccurate tracking and segmentation. We provide an extensive list of features extracted from individual cell time series, with custom feature selection to identify variables that provide the greatest discrimination for the analysis in question. Using ensemble classification for accurate prediction of cellular phenotype and clustering algorithms for the characterisation of heterogeneous subsets, we validate and prove adaptability using different cell types and experimental conditions.

External deposit with Dryad.
Date made available23 Feb 2023

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