Data set for "A proposed simulation method for directed self-assembly of nanographene"



The data provided are from the paper "Effect of random edge-vacancy disorder in zigzag graphene nanoribbons" by J. A. Geraets (PhD student), J. P. C. Baldwin (PhD student), R. Twarock (co-supervisor for J. A. Geraets) and Y. Hancock* (supervisor for J. P. C. Baldwin and co-supervisor for J. A. Geraets), published in the Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter and funded by the EPSRC, Wellcome Trust and Royal Society Leverhulme Trust. Datasets created by the PhD students funded by the Wellcome Trust (J. A. Geraets) and the EPSRC (J. P. C. Baldwin).
Date made available2017
PublisherUniversity of York

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