Dataset of Estimation of reactive inorganic iodine fluxes in the Indian and Southern Ocean marine boundary layer

  • Swaleha Inamdar (Creator)
  • Liselotte Leona Georgette Tinel (Contributor)
  • Rosie Chance (Contributor)
  • Lucy Jane Carpenter (Contributor)
  • P. Sabu (Contributor)
  • Racheal Chacko (Contributor)
  • Sarat C. Tripathy (Contributor)
  • Anvita U. Kerkar (Contributor)
  • Alok Sinha (Contributor)
  • P. V. Bhaskar (Contributor)
  • Amit Sarkar (Contributor)
  • Rajdeep Roy (Contributor)
  • Tomás Sherwen (Contributor)
  • Carlos A. Cuevas (Contributor)
  • Aurelie Lopez (Contributor)
  • Kirpa Ram (Contributor)
  • Anoop Mahajan (Contributor)



This dataset includes multi-axis differential optical absorption spectroscopy (MAX-DOAS) ship-based observations, meteorological observations during the 9th Indian Southern Ocean Expedition (ISOE-9), and all supporting dataset (observations from SK-333, BoBBLE cruise) used in the study Inamdar et al. (2020), Links to other dataset repositories used in this study: 1. Observations of sea-surface iodide concentrations from Indian and Southern Ocean: British Oceanographic Data Centre, (Chance et al., 2019), 2. Global predicted sea-surface iodide concentration data is available from the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, (Sherwen et al. 2019), 3. Dataset from 8th Indian Southern Ocean Expedition (ISOE-8), (Mahajan et al. 2019a), 4. Dataset from 2nd International Indian Ocean Expedition (ISOE-8), (Mahajan et al. 2019b),

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Date made available26 Sept 2020
PublisherMendeley Data

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