Datasets for Socio-macroeconomic impacts of implementing different post-Brexit UK energy reduction targets to 2030

  • Jaime Nieto Vega (Creator)
  • Hector Pollitt (Creator)
  • Paul Brockway (Creator)
  • Lucy Clements (Creator)
  • Marco Sakai (Creator)
  • John Barrett (Creator)



This file contains the following data sheets used in the following paper: Nieto, J., Pollitt, H. Brockway, P.E., Clements, L., Sakai, M., and Barrett J. “Socio-Macroeconomic Impacts of Implementing Different Post-Brexit UK Energy Reduction Targets to 2030.” Energy Policy 158, 2021, 112556. Available at: *Inputs: Exogenous inputs to the model *Results Levels:Results for the E3ME and MARCO-UK scenarios in levels *Results vs Baseline: Results for the E3ME and MARCO-UK scenarios in volume index (Baseline=100) as presented in the paper *Summary results tables: Results according to different criteria
External deposit with Research Data Leeds
Date made available20 Sept 2021
PublisherUniversity of Leeds

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