Dissolved fatty acids at a near coastal site in the English Channel, 2019-2021



Dissolved fatty acids and dicacids were determined in sea-surface microlayer and underlying water samples collected off the southwestern UK coast. Sampling was conducted approximately weekly over 18 months. The majority of samples were collected from a near shore site in the footprint of the Penlee Point Atmospheric Observatory, while one in six samples were collected from the L4 site. Organic acids were determined by solid phase extraction followed by FAME derivatisation and quantification by GC-MS. These compounds are of interest because of their ability to react with ozone at the sea surface.

Embargoed until the publication of the associated research paper
Date made available2024
PublisherUniversity of York
Temporal coverage11 Nov 2019 - 13 Sept 2021
Geospatial point50.3, -4.2Show on map

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