Home range size and habitat availability data for 39 individual European nightjars on the Humberhead Peatlands NNR from 2015-2018



This dataset contains home range size, habitat availability and selection ratio data, calculated from GPS data fixes collected from individual European nightjars, in four concurrent years (2015-2018). Home ranges are 95% areas of use, presented in hectares. Habitat availability data are presented as the percentage (%) of each habitat category (n = 6, pooled from 14 original habitat types) available to each individual within their 95% home range. Selection ratios are Manly Selection Ratios for 14 habitat types and express the extent to which each habitat type is used by each individual bird, compared to how much of it is available. Selection Ratios >1 express positive selection – i.e. used more than expected, given availability. Selection Ratios

External deposit with UK CEH Environmental Information Data Centre
Date made available26 Mar 2020
PublisherNERC Environmental Information Data Centre
Geospatial polygon53.55, -0.897, 53.64, -0.935

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