JYFL-ACCLAB-JM41: Identification of excited states in 78Zr

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This data contains the recoil-beta tagging study for the identification of the T=1 states in 78Zr and 78Y using the 40Ca(40Ca,2n/pn)78Zr/78Y reactions. The experiment was performed using the MARA recoil separator and JUROGAM 3 array together with ancillary detector systems. This data will provide important experimental information to test predictions of nuclear models for this mass region including the shell-model and DFT calculations. Successful identification of the low-lying states in 78Zr and 78Y will enable us to investigate mirror energy differences as well as triplet energy differences (TED) for the T=1 analogue states within the A=78 isobaric triplet.

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Date made available31 Dec 2024
PublisherUniversity of Jyväskylä

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