LsRTDv1: A reference transcript dataset for accurate transcript-specific expression analysis in lettuce

  • Katherine Denby (Creator)
  • Mehmet Fatih Kara (Creator)
  • Wenbin Guo (Creator)
  • Runxuan Zhang (Creator)



Accurate quantification of gene and transcript-specific expression, with the underlying knowledge of precise transcript isoforms, is crucial to understanding many biological processes. Analysis of RNA sequencing data has benefited from the development of alignment-free algorithms which enhance the precision and speed of expression analysis. However, such algorithms require a reference transcriptome. Here we present a reference transcript dataset (LsRTDv1) for lettuce, combining long- and short-read sequencing with publicly available transcriptome annotations, and filtering to keep only transcripts with high-confidence splice junctions and transcriptional start and end sites. LsRTDv1 is a valuable resource for the investigation of transcriptional and alternative splicing regulation in lettuce.

External deposit with Dryad.
Date made available8 Feb 2024

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