Neural markers of suppression in impaired binocular vision



Data, analysis code and additional figures for Lygo et al, 'Neural markers of suppression in impaired binocular vision"

The 'Experiment scripts' component contains Matlab scripts used to run the experiments.

The 'Analysis scripts' component contains a mixture of Matlab, R and bash scripts used to analyse the data.

The 'Raw EEG data' component contains raw EEG files for all participants (N=44). These are in a compressed csv format, described further in the component.

The 'Processed EEG data' component contains RData files for individual participants, containing Fourier components for each condition, trial, electrode and frequency. Files appended 'TC' contain timecourse data.

The 'GLM output' component contains .mat files for each participant, containing the general linear model output for the V1 ROI.

The 'Flat maps' component contains flat maps of cortical activity for individual participants. This is in the same format as Figure 3 in the paper (which is for a single participant). The data subcomponent contains .mat files used to produce these plots.

Raw MRI data are not made public due to restrictions on data sharing, but can be provided upon request.

External deposit with OSF
Date made available5 Aug 2020

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