Older People’s Online Information Consumption in Light of COVID-19-related Uncertainty, 2021



The data was generated as part of a BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grant funded research project. The aim was to investigate how older people (65+) in the UK consume online information and what makes them vulnerable during this process. Researchers at the University of York recruited from across the UK male and female older people who are internet users in order to discuss how they use the internet to find information and how this information is used. COVID-19 online search was used to facilitate the discussion and tasks related to fake and real news were completed during the interview process. The interviews took place via zoom. The transcripts comprise in-depth interviews with older people (n=28) while they were searching for COVID-19-related information online.

External deposit with UK Data Service
Date made available21 Feb 2023
PublisherUK Data Service

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