PSST2016 - Data used in paper on surface modification using an APPJ



Data for the publication "Mechanisms behind surface modification of polypropylene film using an atmospheric-pressure plasma jet".
The data consists of measurements of water contact angles on polypropylene as a function of the percentage of oxygen in the feed gas of the plasma jet, treatment time, and distance of the polypropylene surface from the plasma jet. Also included are calculated surface energies, including their polar and dispersive components. Details of how these contact angle measurements were performed, the surface energy calculation procedure, and how error values were obtained can be found within the paper. ATR-FTIR transmittance is also recorded for the polypropylene surface, after different treatment times, with respect to wavenumber. Finally, Two-photon Absorption Laser Induced Fluorescence data was taken at 3 mm from the plasma exit. The data presented is a relative density (total signal/lifetime) normalised to the maximum. References to the full process is given within the paper.
Date made available2016
PublisherUniversity of York

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