Russian Nouns (IPA notation) with Stress



This inflected lexicon of Russian Nouns is based on data generated by a DATR fragment for the nominal system of Russian (Dunstan Brown et al, 2011), which was used in Brown and Hippisley (2012). The files were automatically transcribed to an IPA-based notation by Sacha Beniamine (2018), following rules provided by Dunstan Brown. We also corrected a few errors in the original data found manually. We thank Sasha krasovitsky for providing comments on the phonological feature definitions.

Beniamine, Sacha (2018). “Classifications flexionnelles. Étude quantitative des structures de paradigmes.” , Université Sorbonne Paris Cité - Université Paris Diderot (Paris 7), PhD thesis under the supervision of Olivier Bonami.

Brown, Dunstan, Greville Corbett, Norman Fraser and Andrew Hippisley (2011), A fragment for the nominal system of Russian, DATR fragment.

Brown, Dunstan and Andrew Hippisley (2012). Network Morphology : a defaults based theory of word structure. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Date made available11 Sept 2019
PublisherSacha Beniamine
Date of data production11 Sept 2019

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