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  1. Facial mimicry and emotion consistency: Influences of memory and context

    Kirkham, A. J. (Creator), Pawling, R. (Creator), Tipper, S. P. (Creator), Open Science Framework, 19 Oct 2016, 10.17605/OSF.IO/4V54D


  2. Accuracy of electron densities obtained via Koopmans-compliant hybrid functionals

    El-Maslmane, A. R. (Creator), Wetherell, J. (Creator), Hodgson, M. J. P. (Creator), University of York, 2018, 10.15124/3c8e28bd-3562-4b90-8c4a-1b879cd95d42


  3. Alena Denisova: PhD 2, Perspectives

    Denisova, A. (Creator), Cairns, P. A. (Creator), University of York, Apr 2017, 10.15124/92d87d3b-536f-4914-847c-07e459f572fa


  4. Alena Denisova: PhD 3 Placebo Effect

    Denisova, A. (Creator), Cairns, P. A. (Creator), University of York, Feb 2018, 10.15124/1b664aa5-e93b-4716-a679-feaacbfb769a


  5. Alena Denisova: PhD1 Questionnaires

    Denisova, A. (Creator), Cairns, P. A. (Creator), University of York, Apr 2017, 10.15124/4aa5ef86-cad5-4cd4-ac35-8390afbf490a


  6. Archaeological Evaluation of the Anglo-Saxon and Viking site at Torksey, Lincolnshire

    Richards, J. D. (Creator), Dawn M, H. (Creator), Archaeology Data Service, Nov 2016, 10.5284/1018222


  7. Burdale: an Anglian settlement in the Yorkshire Wolds

    Richards, J. D. (Creator), Roskams, S. (Creator), Archaeology Data Service, 2008, 10.5284/1021540


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