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  1. Data set for "A proposed simulation method for directed self-assembly of nanographene"

    Geraets, J. A. (Creator), Baldwin, J. P. C. (Creator), Twarock, R. (Creator), Hancock, Y. (Creator), University of York, 2017, 10.15124/bd416f9b-44a8-4cc0-8831-4c2055762d39


  2. Heisenberg Type Uncertainty Relation for Qubits

    Busch, P. (Creator), Biniok, J. C. G. (Creator), Wolfram Research, Inc., 14 Aug 2014


  3. Medicago data from duel stress study

    , ABSTRESS, 22 Sep 2015


  4. Optimal Joint Measurements of Qubit Observables

    Busch, P. (Creator), Bullock, T. J. (Creator), Wolfram Research, Inc., 6 Jan 2017