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  1. NASCENCE project data

    Clegg, K. D. (Creator), University of York, 30 Oct 2015


  2. OpenAIR - The Open Acoustic Impulse Response Library

    Murphy, D. T. (Creator), University of York, 1 Sep 2010


  3. OpenAirLib

    Brown, K. I. (Creator), Murphy, D. T. (Creator), University of York, 12 Jan 2017, 10.15124/d0483441-24cb-4f34-9e48-8e651781cad3


  4. Supporting data from 'Concurrency in Auditory Displays for Connected Television'

    Hinde, A. F. (Creator), Evans, M. J. (Creator), Tew, A. I. (Creator), University of York, 2017, 10.15124/19b43aa8-744a-404b-a8ff-7b0f931bf6d3


  5. Sydney-York Morphological and Recording of Ears database (SYMARE)

    Jin, C. (Creator), Guillon, P. (Creator), Zolfaghari, R. (Creator), Epain, N. (Creator), van Schaik, A. (Creator), Tew, A. I. (Creator), Hetherington, C. T. (Creator), Thorpe, J. (Creator), University of Sydney, 1 Jul 2012


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