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  1. Accuracy of electron densities obtained via Koopmans-compliant hybrid functionals

    El-Maslmane, A. R. (Creator), Wetherell, J. (Creator), Hodgson, M. J. P. (Creator), University of York, 2018, 10.15124/3c8e28bd-3562-4b90-8c4a-1b879cd95d42


  2. CFAS-Ge

    Lazarov, V. (Creator), University of York, 19 May 2016, 10.15124/e3f87d05-ab3c-49ef-a69d-0a9805b77d2f


  3. Comparison of local density functionals based on electron gas and finite systems

    Entwistle, M. (Creator), Casula, M. (Creator), University of York, 14 Jun 2018, 10.15124/65cd1dd8-c240-45a5-9a47-0ac6ff870f51


  4. Data set for "A proposed simulation method for directed self-assembly of nanographene"

    Geraets, J. A. (Creator), Baldwin, J. (Creator), Twarock, R. (Creator), Hancock, Y. (Creator), University of York, 2017, 10.15124/bd416f9b-44a8-4cc0-8831-4c2055762d39


  5. Dataset for "Calculated electron impact dissociation cross sections for molecular chlorine (Cl2)"

    Hamilton, J. (Creator), Tennyson, J. (Creator), Booth, J. (Creator), Gans, T. (Creator), Gibson, A. R. (Creator), University of York, 14 Aug 2018, 10.15124/b11c65cf-2913-4c63-a522-2f57006cfb8a


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