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  1. Accuracy of electron densities obtained via Koopmans-compliant hybrid functionals

    El-Maslmane, A. R. (Creator), Wetherell, J. (Creator), Hodgson, M. J. P. (Creator), University of York, 2018, 10.15124/3c8e28bd-3562-4b90-8c4a-1b879cd95d42


  2. CFAS-Ge

    Lazarov, V. (Creator), University of York, 19 May 2016, 10.15124/e3f87d05-ab3c-49ef-a69d-0a9805b77d2f


  3. Comparison of local density functionals based on electron gas and finite systems

    Entwistle, M. (Creator), Casula, M. (Creator), University of York, 14 Jun 2018, 10.15124/65cd1dd8-c240-45a5-9a47-0ac6ff870f51


  4. Data related to "Advantageous nearsightedness of many-body perturbation theory contrasted with Kohn-Sham density functional theory"

    Wetherell, J. (Creator), Hodgson, M. J. P. (Creator), Talirz, L. (Creator), Godby, R. W. (Creator), University of York, 12 Dec 2018, 10.15124/fe679098-5cae-4dd2-ad2e-2f38c5853537


  5. Data set for "A proposed simulation method for directed self-assembly of nanographene"

    Geraets, J. A. (Creator), Baldwin, J. P. C. (Creator), Twarock, R. (Creator), Hancock, Y. (Creator), University of York, 2017, 10.15124/bd416f9b-44a8-4cc0-8831-4c2055762d39


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