SH3-like domain from Penicillium virgatum muramidase: X-ray diffraction images

  • Olga V. Moroz (Creator)
  • Elena Blagova (Creator)
  • Andrey A. Lebedev (Creator)
  • Lars K. Skov (Creator)
  • Roland A Pache (Creator)
  • Kirk M Schnorr (Creator)
  • Lars Kiemer (Creator)
  • Esben P. Friis (Creator)
  • Søren Nymand-Grarup (Creator)
  • Li Ming (Creator)
  • Liu Ye (Creator)
  • Mikkel Klausen (Creator)
  • Marianne T. Cohn (Creator)
  • Esben G.W. Schmidt (Creator)
  • Gideon John Davies (Creator)
  • Keith Sanderson Wilson (Creator)



This submission includes a zip archive of diffraction images recorded with the ADSC QUANTUM 315 CCD detector at the DIAMOND beamline I04 on 2017-06-27. The model of the crystal structure and associated information can be found in the Protein Data Bank entry 8B2G. This is a case of crystal twinning. The data are used in CCP4 Tutorials.

External deposit with Zenodo.
Date made available11 May 2024

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