Steady-state measures of visual suppression



Code and data for the paper entitled 'Steady-state measures of visual suppression'. Published in PLoS Computational Biology:

The linked Github repository contains analysis scripts, including the R markdown document used to process and model the data, and create the manuscript.

The raw data are stored as compressed csv files (approx 30GB in total), as outlined here:

The file SSVEPdata.Rdata (200MB) contains processed Fourier spectra, and can be used instead of downloading the raw data to reproduce the analyses reported in the paper.

The file modelweights.Rdata (250MB) contains the MCMC chains from the Bayesian model fitting.

Note that 3 participants completed both experiments, whereas the other 18 participants completed one or other experiment. Summarised as:

S3 low contrast = S3 high contrast
S6 low contrast = S5 high contrast
S8 low contrast = S7 high contrast

External deposit with OSF
Date made available22 Feb 2021

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