STXM XANES & EELS data from Winchcombe OM

  • Christian Vollmer (Owner)
  • Quentin M Ramasse (Creator)
  • Demie Kepaptsoglou (Creator)
  • Aleksander Mosberg (Data Collector)
  • Jan Leitner (Contributor)
  • Khalil El Hajraoui (Creator)
  • Ashley J. King (Owner)
  • Paul F. Schofield (Data Collector)
  • Charlotte Bays (Contributor)
  • Tohru Araki (Data Collector)



C, N K edge data - STXM Xanes and EELS for organic matter from the Winchcombe meteorite
Date made available20 Oct 2023
PublisherUniversity of York

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