Supplementary data for a study of microtearing modes at low plasma β

  • Michael R Hardman (Creator)
  • Felix I Parra (Creator)
  • Bhavin S Patel (UKAEA) (Creator)
  • Colin Malcolm Roach (Creator)
  • Juan Carlos Serrano-Ruiz (Creator)
  • Michael Barnes (Oxford Respiratory Trials Unit (ORTU), University of Oxford, Churchill Hospital, Oxford University Hospital, Headington, Oxford, UK; Oxford University and Oxford Biomedical Research Centre, Churchill Hospital, Oxford University Hospital, Headington, Oxford, UK.) (Creator)
  • David Dickinson (Creator)
  • William Dorland (Creator)
  • Jason F Parisi (Creator)
  • Denis St-Onge (Creator)
  • Howard Read Wilson (Creator)



Supplementary data for the Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion Publication `New linear stability parameter to describe low-β electromagnetic microinstabilities driven by passing electrons in axisymmetric toroidal geometry', M. R. Hardman, F. I. Parra, B. S. Patel, C. M. Roach, J. Ruiz Ruiz, M. Barnes, D. Dickinson, W. Dorland, J. F. Parisi, D. St-Onge, and H. Wilson'. The publication appears as an arXiv preprint with identifier arXiv:2208.10615. The dataset consists of GS2 input files for the study, and a python (3) script for generating a selection of the figures from raw GS2 output data. Details are given in the Readme.

External deposit with Zenodo.
Date made available14 Feb 2023

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