Supporting data from 'Concurrency in Auditory Displays for Connected Television'

  • Alistair Francis Hinde (Creator)
  • Michael J. Evans (Creator)
  • Anthony I Tew (Creator)



The dataset comprises the output from a study investigating different presentations of additional content alongside a television programme. In this study, the Secondary Programme Content (SPC) was presented as sound from a speaker in front of the listener, from a speaker positioned at 90 degrees to the left of the listener, from a mobile phone, or as text on the mobile phone screen. Manipulations to the soundtrack of the Main Programme Content (MPC)-a television programme- were also explored. During presentations of SPC, the soundtrack was either modified so that the centre channel containing the dialogue was muted, the mix was replaced with atmosphere and effects from the show, all of the sound was muted, or the soundtrack was left unaltered. The study was a mixed design with The SPC presentation method (SPC source) as a between participants factor and the MPC soundtrack treatment (MPC treatment) as a within participant factor. The dataset comprises ratings of disruption between the SPC and the MPC, workload style ratings and preference as well as comments provided after the treatments. The dataset also includes basic demographic information and handedness evaluations of the 35 participants. The data was collected as part of the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council PhD ICase project “Non-visual Displays for Connected Television”. Full details of the experiment can be found in the Chapter “The effects of secondary content modality, location and the modification of programme soundtrack on the television user experience” in Alistair Hinde’s PhD thesis “Concurrency in Auditory Displays for Connected Television”.
Date made available2017
PublisherUniversity of York

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