Test materials for the Adaptive Melodic Discrimination Test

  • Peter Harrison (Creator)
  • Tom Collins (Creator)
  • Daniel Müllensiefen (Creator)



This repository contains stimuli and psychometric data for 
the adaptive melodic discrimination test constructed in 
Harrison et al. (2017). These materials can be used to 
construct a computerised adaptive melodic discrimination 
test. An implementation of the test is available from the
authors upon request.

This version (v5) corresponds to the final version of the test
constructed in Harrison et al. (2017); it includes the easier
items added to the item bank in Study 3.
It also contains a corrected melodic_discrimination_psych_data.csv file;
the previous version was incomplete.

These test materials may be freely used for research purposes.
Please cite Harrison et al. (2017) in any publications using these
materials (see below for full citation info).


Harrison, P. M. C., Collins, T., & Müllensiefen, D. (2017).
Applying modern psychometric techniques to melodic
discrimination testing: Item response theory, computerised
adaptive testing, and automatic item generation.
Scientific Reports, 7, 1–18.

External deposit with Zenodo.
Date made available8 Apr 2020

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