Transfer reaction induced fission 238U(d,p-fission) with HELIOS

  • Samuel Bennett (Creator)
  • Katie Garrett (Creator)
  • David Sharp (Creator)
  • Sean Freeman (Creator)
  • Gavin Smith (Creator)
  • Tobias Wright (Creator)
  • Ben Kay (Creator)
  • Ryan Tang (Creator)
  • Ivan Tolstukhin (Creator)
  • Yassid Ayyad (Creator)
  • Jie Chen (Argonne Natl Lab, Argonne National Laboratory, Div Phys) (Creator)
  • Paul John Davies (Creator)
  • Annie Dolan (Creator)
  • Liam Gaffney (Creator)
  • Andreas Heinz (Creator)
  • Calem Hoffmann (Creator)
  • Claus Muller-Gatermann (Creator)
  • Robert Page (Creator)
  • Gemma Louise Wilson (Creator)



Upload includes: Pre-sorted data with built physics events. All experimental data in the files "gen_run###.root" Link to GutHub containing all relevant codes to sort the data and produce physics histograms. Analysis code at README files describe the usage. Copy of electronic logbook containing experimental matters. "ELOG_H074_238U.pdf" in reverse chronological order. Document with detector distances and details on the setup. "h074_238U-setup.pptx" Absolute transfer (d,p) and transfer induced fission (d,pf) cross sections. "238U-dpf-supplemental-data.xlxs"

External deposit with Zenodo.
Date made available8 Nov 2022

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