How to use this site

The York Research Database is a rich source of information about research at the University. Take a look at the tips below to help you make the most of the data available.

Narrow down your search

Lots of data can mean lots of search results.

Refine your search results using options alongside the listing to drill down to what you're looking for

Refine your results to narrow down the list.

For more options and to apply multiple refinements, try the 'Advanced' search options.

Explore relationships

Discover related content with interactive visualisations.

Discover related content, people, projects and more using the interactive graphs of relations

Click View graph of relations on any entry to open a visual web of related content.

Double-click an icon to re-focus on that item, or click the 'Visit page' button to see the details.

Track what you view

Click around lots of entries without fear of getting lost.

Recently viewed entries in the York Research Database are collected at the bottom of every page for quick access

Every entry viewed in a visit is listed at the bottom of each page for quick repeat access.

Subscribe for updates

Get automatic updates about any data in the system.

Look for the RSS icon alongside search results to subscribe to that search and receive updates automatically

Look for the RSS icon alongside search results and click or copy the link to your RSS reader to subscribe to that search.

Wondering what RSS is? See the University news feeds page for an introduction.

Use power searches

Fine-tune your searches with quote marks and boolean operators.

Use quotation marks and search operators OR and NOT to be more precise and generate more accurate results

Use multiple words as a specific phrase by putting quotes around them, or use OR and NOT to broaden or restrict results.

Find more of the same

Found an interesting article? It's easy to find related content.

Discover publications by the same authors from the right-hand side of publications pages

Check the right side of publication pages for more by the same authors or from the same journal.