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  1. 2019
  2. Determination of the structure and properties of an edge dislocation in rutile TiO2

    Maras, E., Saito, M., Inoue, K., Jónsson, H., Ikuhara, Y. & McKenna, K. P., 15 Jan 2019

    Article in Acta Materialia

  3. 2016
  4. 2009
  5. Nanoquasicrystalline Al-Fe-Cr-based alloys. Part I: Phase transformations

    Galano, M., Audebert, F., Stone, I. C. & Cantor, B., Oct 2009

    Article in Acta Materialia

  6. Nanoquasicrystalline Al-Fe-Cr-based alloys. Part II. Mechanical properties

    Galano, M., Audebert, F., Garcia Escorial, A., Stone, I. C. & Cantor, B., Oct 2009

    Article in Acta Materialia

  7. 2005
  8. Dynamic densification of metal matrix-coated fibre composites: modelling and processing

    Peng, H., Dunne, F. P. E., Grant, P. S. & Cantor, B., Feb 2005

    Article in Acta Materialia

  9. 2004
  10. 2003
  11. Quasi-peritectic solidification reactions in 6xxx series wrought Al alloys

    Sha, G., O'Reilly, K. A. Q., Cantor, B., Titchmarsh, J. M. & Hamerton, R. G., 18 Apr 2003

    Article in Acta Materialia

  12. 2002
  13. Isothermal grain coarsening of spray formed alloys in the semi-solid state

    Manson-Whitton, ED., Stone, IC., Jones, R. M., Grant, PS. & Cantor, B., 12 Jun 2002

    Article in Acta Materialia

  14. 2001
  15. Effect of semisolid microstructure on solidified phase content in 1xxx Al alloys

    Allen, C. M., O'Reilly, K. A. Q. & Cantor, B., 25 May 2001

    Article in Acta Materialia

  16. 2000
  17. Macro-segregation in aluminium alloy sprayformed billets

    Mingard, K. P., Cantor, B., Palmer, I. G., Hughes, I. R., Alexander, P. W., Willis, T. C. & White, J., 14 Jun 2000

    Article in Acta Materialia

  18. 1999
  19. The effect of vanadium and grain refiner additions on the nucleation of secondary phases in 1xxx Al alloys

    Allen, C. M., O'Reilly, K. A. Q., Evans, P. V. & Cantor, B., 26 Nov 1999

    Article in Acta Materialia

  20. 1998
  21. Direct measurement of sprayform temperatures and the effect of liquid fraction on microstructure

    Mingard, K. P., Alexander, P. W., Langridge, S. J., Tomlinson, G. A. & Cantor, B., 12 Jun 1998

    Article in Acta Materialia

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