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  1. 2018
  2. 2017
  3. 2015
  4. High-Mobility Sm-Doped Bi<inf>2</inf>Se<inf>3</inf> Ferromagnetic Topological Insulators and Robust Exchange Coupling

    Chen, T., Liu, W., Zheng, F., Gao, M., Pan, X., Van Der Laan, G., Wang, X., Zhang, Q., Song, F., Wang, B., Wang, B., Xu, Y., Wang, G. & Zhang, R., 14 Jul 2015

    Article in Advanced Materials

  5. A rigid naphthalenediimide triangle for organic rechargeable lithium-ion batteries

    Chen, D., Avestro, A-J., Chen, Z., Sun, J., Wang, S., Xiao, M., Erno, Z., Algaradah, M. M., Nassar, M. S., Amine, K., Meng, Y. & Stoddart, J. F., 13 May 2015

    Article in Advanced Materials

  6. 2013
  7. BODIPY-thiophene copolymers as p-channel semiconductors for organic thin-film transistors

    Usta, H., Yilmaz, M. D., Avestro, A-J., Boudinet, D., Denti, M., Zhao, W., Stoddart, J. F. & Facchetti, A., 21 Aug 2013

    Article in Advanced Materials

  8. Nanoimprinted organic semiconductor laser pumped by a light-emitting diode

    Tsiminis, G., Wang, Y., Kanibolotsky, A. L., Inigo, A. R., Skabara, P. J., Samuel, I. D. W. & Turnbull, G. A., 28 May 2013

    Article in Advanced Materials

  9. Organic switches for surfaces and devices

    Fahrenbach, A. C., Warren, S. C., Incorvati, J. T., Avestro, A-J., Barnes, J. C., Stoddart, J. F. & Grzybowski, B. A., 18 Jan 2013

    Review article in Advanced Materials

  10. 2012
  11. Enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen generation using polymorphic macroporous taon

    Tsang, M-Y., Pridmore, N. E., Gillie, L. J., Chou, Y-H., Brydson, R. & Douthwaite, R. E., 3 Jul 2012

    Article in Advanced Materials

  12. 2010
  13. Photonic Crystal Formed by the Imaginary Part of the Refractive Index

    Li, J., Liang, B., Liu, Y., Zhang, P., Zhou, J., Klimonsky, S. O., Slesarev, A. S., Tretyakov, Y. D., O'Faolain, L. & Krauss, T. F., 25 Jun 2010

    Article in Advanced Materials

  14. 2007
  15. Alignment of aromatic peptide tubes in strong magnetic fields

    Hill, R. J. A., Sedman, V. L., Allen, S., Williams, P. M., Paoli, M., Adler-Abramovich, L., Gazit, E., Eaves, L. & Tendler, S. J. B., 17 Dec 2007

    Article in Advanced Materials

  16. 2006
  17. 2005
  18. 2000
  19. Reactions and reactivity in self-assembled monolayers

    Chechik, V., Crooks, R. M. & Stirling, C. J. M., 16 Aug 2000

    Literature review in Advanced Materials

  20. 1998
  21. 1997
  22. Mesogenic zinc(II) complexes of 5,10,15,20-tetraarylethynyl-substituted porphyrins

    Milgrom, L. R., Yahioglu, G., Bruce, D. W., Morrone, S., Henari, F. Z. & Blau, W. J., Mar 1997

    Article in Advanced Materials

  23. 1996
  24. 1995
  25. 1994

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