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  1. 2021
  2. Care-seeking and managing diabetes in rural Bangladesh: a mixed methods study

    Jennings, H. M., Morrison, J., Akter, K., Haghparast-Bidgoli, H., King, C., Ahmed, N., Kuddus, A., Shaha, S. K., Nahar, T., Azad, K. & Fottrell, E., 22 Jul 2021

    Article in BMC Public Health

  3. ADVANCE integrated group intervention to address both substance use and intimate partner abuse perpetration by men in substance use treatment: a feasibility randomised controlled trial

    Gilchrist, G., Potts, L., Radcliffe, P., Halliwell, G., Dheensa, S., Henderson, J., Johnson, A., Love, B., Gilchrist, E., Feder, G., Parrott, S., Li, J., McMurran, M., Kirkpatrick, S., Stephens-Lewis, D., Easton, C., Berbary, C. & Landau, S., 25 May 2021

    Article in BMC Public Health

  4. 2020
  5. Understanding demand for, and feasibility of, centre-based child-care for poor urban households: a mixed methods study in Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Elsey, H., Fieroze, F., Shawon, R. A., Nasreen, S., Hicks, J. P., Das, M., Huque, R., Hirano, I., Wallace, H. J. & Mashreky, S., 10 Dec 2020

    Article in BMC Public Health

  6. Integrating climate in Ugandan health and subsistence food systems: where diverse knowledges meet

    van Bavel, B., Berrang Ford, L., King, R., Lwasa, S., Namanya, D., Twesigomwe, S., Elsey, H. & Harper, S., 4 Dec 2020

    Article in BMC Public Health

  7. A process for developing a sustainable and scalable approach to community engagement: community dialogue approach for addressing the drivers of antibiotic resistance in Bangladesh

    King, R., Hicks, J., Rassi, C., Shafique, M., Barua, D., Bhowmik, P., Das, M., Elsey, H., Questa, K., Fieroze, F., Hamade, P., Huque, S., Newell, J. & Huque, R., 17 Jun 2020

    Article in BMC Public Health

  8. "Death is a better option than being treated like this": a prevalence survey and qualitative study of depression among multi-drug resistant tuberculosis in-patients

    Huque, R., Elsey, H., Fieroze, F., Hicks, J. P., Huque, S., Bhawmik, P., Walker, I. & Newell, J., 3 Jun 2020, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in BMC Public Health

  9. 2019
  10. Growing up in Bradford: protocol for the age 7-11 follow up of the Born in Bradford birth cohort

    Bird, P., McEachan, R., Mon-Williams, M., Small, N., West, J., Whincup, P., Wright, J., Andrews, E., Barber, S., Hill, L., Lennon, L., Mason, D., Shire, K., Waiblinger, D., Waterman, A. H., Lawlor, D. & Pickett, K., 12 Jul 2019

    Article in BMC Public Health

  11. How did Ebola information spread on twitter: broadcasting or viral spreading?

    Liang, H., Fung, I. C-H., Tse, Z. T. H., Yin, J., Chan, C-H., Pechta, L. E., Smith, B. J., Marquez-Lameda, R. D., Meltzer, M. I., Lubell, K. M. & Fu, K-W., 25 Apr 2019

    Article in BMC Public Health

  12. Integrating research and system-wide practice in public health: lessons learnt from Better Start Bradford

    Dickerson, J., Bird, P. K., Bryant, M. J., Dharni, N., Bridges, S., Willan, K., Ahern, S., Dunn, A. C., Nielsen, D., Uphoff, E. P., Bywater, T. J., Bowyer-Crane, C. A., Sahota, P., Small, N., Howell, M., Thornton, G., Pickett, K., McEachan, R. & Wright, J., 4 Mar 2019

    Article in BMC Public Health

  13. 2018
  14. Determinants of motivation to quit in smokers screened for the early detection of lung cancer: a qualitative study

    Young, B., Vedhara, K., Kendrick, D., Littleford, R., Robertson, JFR., Sullivan, F., Schembri, S. & Nair, R. D., 20 Nov 2018

    Article in BMC Public Health

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