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  1. 2019
  2. RRM adjacent TARDBP mutations disrupt RNA binding and enhance TDP-43 proteinopathy

    Chen, H-J., Topp, S. D., Hui, H. S., Zacco, E., Katarya, M., McLoughlin, C., King, A. D., Smith, B. N., Troakes, C., Pastore, A. & Shaw, C. E., 11 Oct 2019

    Article in Brain

  3. 2018
  4. Tau burden and the functional connectome in Alzheimer's disease and progressive supranuclear palsy

    Cope, T. E., Rittman, T., Borchert, R. J., Jones, S. P., Vatansever, D., Allinson, K., Passamonti, L., Vazquez Rodriguez, P., Bevan-Jones, W. R., O'Brien, J. T. & Rowe, J. B., 5 Jan 2018, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Brain : a journal of neurology

  5. In vivo cholinergic basal forebrain atrophy predicts cognitive decline in de novo Parkinson’s disease

    Ray, N. J., Bradburn, S., Murgatroyd, C., Toseeb, U., Mir, P., Kountouriotis, G. K., Teipel, S. J. & Grothe, M. J., 2018

    Article in Brain : a journal of neurology

  6. 2017
  7. Recessive mutations in the kinase ZAK cause a congenital myopathy with fibre type disproportion

    Vasli, N., Harris, E., Karamchandani, J., Bareke, E., Majewski, J., Romero, N. B., Stojkovic, T., Barresi, R., Tasfaout, H., Charlton, R., Malfatti, E., Bohm, J., Marini-Bettolo, C., Choquet, K., Dicaire, M-J., Shao, Y-H., Topf, A., O'Ferrall, E., Eymard, B., Straub, V. & 5 others, Blanco, G., Lochmüller, H., Brais, B., Laporte, J. & Tétreault, M., 1 Jan 2017

    Article in Brain : a journal of neurology

  8. 2016
  9. The heat shock response plays an important role in TDP-43 clearance: evidence for dysfunction in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

    Chen, H-J., Mitchell, J. C., Novoselov, S. S., Miller, J. W., Nishimura, A., Scotter, E. L., Vance, C. A., Cheetham, M. E. & Shaw, C. E. D., 1 May 2016

    Article in Brain

  10. 2015
  11. 2014
  12. Novel mutations in human and mouse SCN4A implicate AMPK in myotonia and periodic paralysis

    Corrochano, S., Männikkö, R., Joyce, P. I., McGoldrick, P., Wettstein, J., Lassi, G., Rayan, D. L. R., Blanco, G., Quinn, C., Liavas, A., Lionikas, A., Amior, N., Dick, J., Healy, E. G., Stewart, M., Carter, S., Hutchinson, M., Bentley, L., Fratta, P., Cortese, A. & 9 others, Cox, R., Brown, S. D. M., Tucci, V., Wackerhage, H., Amato, A. A., Greensmith, L., Koltzenburg, M., Hanna, M. G. & Acevedo-Arozena, A., 1 Dec 2014

    Article in Brain

  13. DARC shuttles inflammatory chemokines across the blood-brain barrier during autoimmune central nervous system inflammation

    Minten, C., Alt, C., Gentner, M., Frei, E., Deutsch, U., Lyck, R., Schaeren-Wiemers, N., Rot, A. & Engelhardt, B., 1 May 2014

    Article in Brain : a journal of neurology

  14. 2009
  15. 2006
  16. 2002
  17. 2001
  18. Unilateral temporal lobectomy patients show lateralized topographical and episodic memory deficits in a virtual town

    Spiers, H. J., Burgess, N., Maguire, E. A., Baxendale, S. A., Hartley, T., Thompson, P. J. & O'Keefe, J., Dec 2001

    Article in Brain

  19. Attentional control in Alzheimer's Disease

    Baddeley, A., Baddeley, H. A., Bucks, R. S. & Wilcock, G. K., Aug 2001

    Article in Brain

  20. 2000
  21. Adaptation to oscillopsia: a psychophysical and questionnaire investigation

    Grunfeld, E. A., Morland, A. B., Bronstein, A. M. & Gresty, M. A., 2000

    Article in Brain

  22. 1999
  23. Dynamics of letter string perception in the human occipitotemporal cortex

    Tarkiainen, A., Helenius, P., Hansen, PC., Cornelissen, PL. & Salmelin, R., 1 Nov 1999

    Article in Brain

  24. Coherent cortical and muscle discharge in cortical myoclonus

    Brown, P., Farmer, S. F., Halliday, D. M., Marsden, J. & Rosenberg, J. R., 1999

    Article in Brain

  25. Visual perception of motion, luminance and colour in a human hemianope

    Morland, A. B., Jones, S. R., Finlay, A. L., Deyzac, E., Lê, S. & Kemp, S., 1999

    Article in Brain

  26. 1998
  27. A neuromodulatory role for the human amygdala in processing emotional facial expressions

    Morris, JS., Friston, KJ., Buchel, C., Frith, CD., Young, AW., Calder, AJ. & Dolan, RJ., 1 Jan 1998

    Article in Brain

  28. 1997
  29. Impaired recognition of disgust in Huntington's disease gene carriers

    Gray, JM., Young, AW., Barker, WA., Curtis, A. & Gibson, D., 1 Nov 1997

    Article in Brain

  30. 1996
  31. Loss of disgust: Perception of faces and emotions in Huntington's disease

    Sprengelmeyer, R., Young, AW., Calder, AJ., Karnat, A., Lange, H., Homberg, V., Perrett, DI. & Rowland, D., 1 Oct 1996

    Article in Brain

  32. 1995


    Article in Brain

  34. 1993

    YOUNG, AW., NEWCOMBE, F., DEHAAN, EHF., SMALL, M. & HAY, DC., 1 Aug 1993

    Article in Brain

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