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  1. 2020
  2. A Dynamic 6,000-Year Genetic History of Eurasia's Eastern Steppe

    Jeong, C., Wang, K., Taylor, W. T. T., Miller, B. K., Bemmann, J. H., Stahl, R., Chiovelli, C., Knolle, F., Ulziibayar, S., Khatanbaatar, D., Erdenebaatar, D., Erdenebat, U., Ochir, A., Ankhsanaa, G., Vanchigdash, C., Ochir, B., Munkhbayar, C., Tumen, D., Kovalev, A., Kradin, N. & 12 others, Bazarov, B. A., Miyagashev, D. A., Konovalov, P. B., Zhambaltarova, E., Miller, A. V., Haak, W., Schiffels, S., Krause, J., Boivin, N., Erdene, M., Hendy, J. & Warinner, C., 12 Nov 2020

    Article in Cell

  3. Innate Immune Training of Granulopoiesis Promotes Anti-tumor Activity

    Kalafati, L., Kourtzelis, I., Schulte-Schrepping, J., Li, X., Hatzioannou, A., Grinenko, T., Hagag, E., Sinha, A., Has, C., Dietz, S., de Jesus Domingues, A. M., Nati, M., Sormendi, S., Neuwirth, A., Chatzigeorgiou, A., Ziogas, A., Lesche, M., Dahl, A., Henry, I., Subramanian, P. & 10 others, Wielockx, B., Murray, P., Mirtschink, P., Chung, K-J., Schultze, J. L., Netea, M. G., Hajishengallis, G., Verginis, P., Mitroulis, I. & Chavakis, T., 29 Oct 2020

    Article in Cell

  4. 2019
  5. Human Antibodies that Slow Erythrocyte Invasion Potentiate Malaria-Neutralizing Antibodies.

    Alanine, D. G. W., Quinkert, D., Kumarasingha, R., Mehmood, S., Donnellan, F. R., Minkah, N. K., Dadonaite, B., Diouf, A., Galaway, F., Silk, S. E., Jamwal, A., Marshall, J. M., Miura, K., Foquet, L., Elias, S. C., Labbé, G. M., Douglas, A. D., Jin, J., Payne, R. O., Illingworth, J. J. & 12 others, Pattinson, D. J., Pulido, D., Williams, B. G., de Jongh, W. A., Wright, G. J., Kappe, S. H. I., Robinson, C. V., Long, C. A., Crabb, B. S., Gilson, P. R., Higgins, M. K. & Draper, S. J., 27 Jun 2019

    Article in Cell

  6. 2018
  7. Metabolic Induction of Trained Immunity through the Mevalonate Pathway

    Bekkering, S., Arts, R. J. W., Novakovic, B., Kourtzelis, I., van der Heijden, C. D. C. C., Li, Y., Popa, C. D., Ter Horst, R., van Tuijl, J., Netea-Maier, R. T., van de Veerdonk, F. L., Chavakis, T., Joosten, L. A. B., van der Meer, J. W. M., Stunnenberg, H., Riksen, N. P. & Netea, M. G., 11 Jan 2018

    Article in Cell

  8. Modulation of Myelopoiesis Progenitors Is an Integral Component of Trained Immunity

    Mitroulis, I., Ruppova, K., Wang, B., Chen, L-S., Grzybek, M., Grinenko, T., Eugster, A., Troullinaki, M., Palladini, A., Kourtzelis, I., Chatzigeorgiou, A., Schlitzer, A., Beyer, M., Joosten, L. A. B., Isermann, B., Lesche, M., Petzold, A., Simons, K., Henry, I., Dahl, A. & 8 others, Schultze, J. L., Wielockx, B., Zamboni, N., Mirtschink, P., Coskun, Ü., Hajishengallis, G., Netea, M. G. & Chavakis, T., 11 Jan 2018

    Article in Cell

  9. 2017
  10. A spatial interactome reveals the protein organization of the algal CO2 concentrating mechanism

    Mackinder, L., Chen, C., Leib, R., Patena, W., Blum, S. R., Rodman, M., Ramundo, S., Adams, C. M. & Jonikas, M. C., 21 Sep 2017

    Article in Cell

  11. The eukaryotic CO2-concentrating organelle is liquid-like and exhibits dynamic reorganization

    Rosenzweig, E. S. F., Xu, B., Cuellar, L. K., Martinez-Sanchez, A., Schaffer, M., Strauss, M., Cartwright, H. N., Ronceray, P., Plitzko, J. M., Foster, F., Wingreen, N. S., Engel, B. E., Mackinder, L. C. M. & Jonikas, M. C., 21 Sep 2017

    Article in Cell

  12. 2008
  13. Molecular basis for the sorting of the SNARE VAMP7 into endocytic clathrin-coated vesicles by the ArfGAP Hrb

    Pryor, P. R., Jackson, L., Gray, S. R., Edeling, M. A., Sanderson, C. M., Luzio, J. P., Evans, P. R., Thompson, A. & Owen, D. J., 5 Sep 2008

    Article in Cell

  14. 2000
  15. 1998
  16. 1996
  17. Interaction between the origin recognition complex and the replication licensing system in Xenopus

    Rowles, A., Chong, J. P., Brown, L., Howell, M., Evan, G. I. & Blow, J. J., 1996

    Article in Cell

  18. 1989
  19. Multistage carcinogenesis induced by ras and myc oncogenes in a reconstituted organ

    Thompson, T. C., Southgate, J., Kitchener, G. & Land, H., 24 Mar 1989

    Article in Cell

  20. 1984

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