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  1. 2019
  2. Supramolecular Self-Assembly to Control Structural and Biological Properties of Multicomponent Hydrogels

    Okesola, B., Wu, Y., Derkus, B., Gani, S., Wu, D., Knani, D., Smith, D. K., Adams, D. & Mata, A., Oct 2019

    Article in Chemistry of Materials

  3. 2018
  4. 2017
  5. Facet-Dependent Interactions of Islet Amyloid Polypeptide with Gold Nanoparticles: Implications for Fibril Formation and Peptide-Induced Lipid Membrane Disruption

    Wang, S. T., Lin, Y., Todorova, N., Xu, Y., Mazo, M., Rana, S., Leonardo, V., Amdursky, N., Spicer, C. D., Alexander, B. D., Edwards, A. A., Matthews, S. J., Yarovsky, I. & Stevens, M. M., 28 Feb 2017

    Article in Chemistry of Materials

  6. Probing the Origin of Interfacial Carriers in SrTiO3-LaCrO3 Superlattices

    Comes, R. B., Spurgeon, S. R., Kepaptsoglou, D. M., Engelhard, M. H., Perea, D. E., Kaspar, T. C., Ramasse, Q. M., Sushko, P. V. & Chambers, S. A., 14 Feb 2017

    Article in Chemistry of Materials

  7. 2016
  8. Role of Structure and Defect Chemistry in High-Performance Thermoelectric Bismuth Strontium Cobalt Oxides

    Baran, J. D., Kepaptsoglou, D., Molinari, M., Kulwongwit, N., Azough, F., Freer, R., Ramasse, Q. M. & Parker, S. C., 25 Oct 2016

    Article in Chemistry of Materials

  9. Reversible Photoreduction as a Trigger for Photoresponsive Gels

    Draper, E. R., Schweins, R., Akhtar, R., Groves, P., Chechik, V., Zwijnenburg, M. A. & Adams, D. J., 13 Sep 2016

    Article in Chemistry of Materials

  10. 2015
  11. 2013
  12. 2012
  13. Interfacial charge transfer and chemical bonding in a Ni-LaNbO 4 cermet for proton-conducting solid-oxide fuel cell anodes

    Kepaptsoglou, D. M., Hadidi, K., Løvvik, O. M., Magraso, A., Norby, T., Gunnæs, A. E., Olsen, A. & Ramasse, Q. M., 13 Nov 2012

    Article in Chemistry of Materials

  14. 2009
  15. Surface Structure and Electronic Properties of In2O3(111) Single-Crystal Thin Films Grown on Y-Stabilized ZrO2(111)

    Zhang, K. H. L., Payne, D. J., Palgrave, R. G., Lazarov, V. K., Chen, W., Wee, A. T. S., McConville, C. F., King, P. D. C., Veal, T. D., Panaccione, G., Lacovig, P., Egdell, R. G. & Lazarov, V., 13 Oct 2009

    Article in Chemistry of Materials

  16. 2008
  17. Holographic composites with gold nanoparticles: nanoparticles promote polymer segregation

    Goldenberg, L. M., Sakhno, O. V., Smimova, T. N., Helliwell, P., Chechik, V. & Stumpe, J., 22 Jul 2008

    Article in Chemistry of Materials

  18. 2006
  19. Dimeric salicylaldimine-based mesogens with flexible spacers: Parity-dependent mesomorphism

    Sepelj, M., Lesac, A., Baumeister, U., Diele, S., Bruce, D. W. & Hamersak, Z., 18 Apr 2006

    Article in Chemistry of Materials

  20. 1998
  21. Lewis acidic borane adducts of pyridines and stilbazoles for nonlinear optics

    Lesley, M. J. G., Woodward, A., Taylor, N. J., Marder, T. B., Thornton, A., Bruce, D. W. & Kakkar, A. K., May 1998

    Article in Chemistry of Materials

  22. 1997
  23. 1996
  24. 1994
  25. 1991
  26. 1989
  27. Nematic Phases in Ionic Melts: Mesogenic Ionic Complexes of Silver(I)

    Bruce, D. W., Dunmur, D. A., MAITLIS, P. M., Styring, P., ESTERUELAS, M. A., Oro, L. A., Ros, M. B., Serrano, J. L. & SOLA, E., 1989

    Article in Chemistry of Materials

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