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  1. 2020
  2. Competition influences tree growth, but not mortality, across environmental gradients in Amazonia and tropical Africa

    Rozendaal, D. M. A., Phillips, O. L., Lewis, S. L., Affum-Baffoe, K., Alvarez-Davila, E., Andrade, A., Aragão, L. E. O. C., Araujo-Murakami, A., Baker, T. R., Bánki, O., Brienen, R. J. W., Camargo, J. L. C., Comiskey, J. A., Djuikouo Kamdem, M. N., Fauset, S., Feldpausch, T. R., Killeen, T. J., Laurance, W. F., Laurance, S. G. W., Lovejoy, T. & 23 others, Malhi, Y., Marimon, B. S., Marimon Junior, B. H., Marshall, A. R., Neill, D. A., Núñez Vargas, P., Pitman, N. C. A., Poorter, L., Reitsma, J., Silveira, M., Sonké, B., Sunderland, T., Taedoumg, H., ter Steege, H., Terborgh, J. W., Umetsu, R. K., van der Heijden, G. M. F., Vilanova, E., Vos, V., White, L. J. T., Willcock, S., Zemagho, L. & Vanderwel, M. C., 1 Jul 2020

    Article in Ecology

  3. 2015
  4. Hemiparasitic plant impacts animal and plant communities across four trophic levels

    Hartley, S. E., Green, J. P., Massey, F. P., Press, M. C. P., Stewart, A. J. A. & John, E. A., Sep 2015

    Article in Ecology

  5. 2013
  6. The impact of increased food availability on survival of a long-distance migratory bird

    Seward, A. M., Jones, T. H., Thomas, R. J., Beale, C. M. & Gilbert, L., 1 Jan 2013

    Article in Ecology

  7. 2012
  8. Aboveground-belowground herbivore interactions: a meta-analysis

    Johnson, S. N., Clark, K. E., Hartley, S. E., Jones, T. H., McKenzie, S. W. & Koricheva, J., Oct 2012

    Article in Ecology

  9. 2010
  10. Palatability mapping: a koala's eye view of spatial variation in habitat quality

    Moore, B. D., Lawler, I. R., Wallis, I. R., Beale, C. M. & Foley, W. J., Nov 2010

    Article in Ecology

  11. Herbivory of tropical rain forest tree seedlings correlates with future mortality

    Eichhorn, M. P., Nilus, R., Compton, S. G., Hartley, S. E. & Burslem, D. F. R. P., Apr 2010

    Article in Ecology

  12. Ecological drivers of the evolution of public-goods cooperation in bacteria

    Brockhurst, M. A., Habets, M. G. J. L., Libberton, B., Buckling, A. & Gardner, A., Feb 2010

    Article in Ecology

  13. 2009
  14. Size-spectra dynamics from stochastic predation and growth of individuals

    Law, R., Plank, M. J., James, A. & Blanchard, J. L., Mar 2009

    Article in Ecology

  15. 2007
  16. Direct and indirect effects of climate and habitat factors on butterfly diversity

    Menendez, R., Gonzalez-Megias, A., Collingham, Y., Fox, R., Roy, D. B., Ohlemuller, R. & Thomas, C. D., Mar 2007

    Article in Ecology

  17. 2004
  18. 2003
  19. Mapping the assembly of protist communities in microcosms

    Warren, P. H., Law, R. & Weatherby, A. J., Apr 2003

    Article in Ecology

  20. Population growth in space and time: Spatial logistic equations

    Law, R., Murrell, D. J. & Dieckmann, U., Jan 2003

    Article in Ecology

  21. 2002
  22. Large-scale patterns of distribution and persistence at the range margins of a butterfly

    Wilson, R. J., Ellis, S., Baker, J. S., Lineham, M. E., Whitehead, R. W. & Thomas, C. D., Dec 2002

    Article in Ecology

  23. 2001
  24. Metapopulations of four lepidopteran herbivores on a single host plant, Lotus corniculatus

    Gutierrez, D., Leon-Cortes, J. L., Menendez, R., Wilson, R. J., Cowley, M. J. R. & Thomas, C. D., May 2001

    Article in Ecology

  25. 2000
  26. 1996
  27. 1993
  28. 1992
  29. 1990
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