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  1. 2014
  2. A temperate former West Antarctic ice sheet suggested by an extensive zone of subglacial meltwater channels

    Rose, K., Ross, N., Bingham, R., Corr, H. F. J., Ferraccioli, F., Jordan, T., Le Brocq, A., Rippin, D. & Siegert, M. J., 7 Oct 2014

    Article in Geology (Boulder)

  3. Great tsunamigenic earthquakes during the past 1000 yr on the Alaska megathrust

    Shennan, I., Barlow, N., Carver, G., Davies, F., Garrett, E. & Hocking, E., 1 Jan 2014

    Article in Geology

  4. 2011
  5. Humid periods in southern Arabia: windows of opportunity for modern human dispersal

    Rosenberg, T. M., Preusser, F., Fleitmann, D., Schwalb, A., Penkman, K., Schmid, T. W., Al-Shanti, M. A., Kadi, K. & Matter, A., Dec 2011

    Article in Geology

  6. 2009
  7. Timing and magnitude of recent accelerated sea-level rise (North Carolina, United States)

    Kemp, A. C., Horton, B. P., Culver, S. J., Corbett, D. R., van de Plassche, O., Gehrels, W. R., Douglas, B. C. & Parnell, A. C., 1 Jan 2009

    Article in Geology

  8. 2008
  9. 2006
  10. East Antarctic ice stream tributary underlain by major sedimentary basin

    Bamber, J. L., Ferraccioli, F., Joughin, I., Shepherd, T., Rippin, D. M., Siegert, M. J. & Vaughan, D. G., Jan 2006

    Article in Geology

  11. 2002
  12. Sequence preservation of osteocalcin protein and mitochondrial DNA in bison bones older than 55 ka

    Nielsen-Marsh, C. M., Ostrom, P. H., Gandhi, H., Shapiro, B., Cooper, A., Hauschka, P. V. & Collins, M. J., Dec 2002

    Article in Geology

  13. 1995
  14. 1993

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