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  1. 2020
  2. The clonal relation of primary upper urinary tract urothelial carcinoma and paired urothelial carcinoma of the bladder

    van Doeveren, T., Nakauma-Gonzalez, J. A., Mason, A. S., van Leenders, G. J. L. H., Zuiverloon, T. C. M., Zwarthoff, E. C., Meijssen, I. C., van der Made, A. C., van der Heijden, A. G., Hendricksen, K., van Rhijn, B. W. G., Voskuilen, C. S., van Riet, J., Dinjens, W. N. M., Dubbink, H. J., van de Werken, H. J. G. & Boormans, J. L., 13 Oct 2020

    Article in International Journal of Cancer

  3. 2019
  4. Mutual detection of Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus and Epstein-Barr virus in blood and saliva of Cameroonians with and without Kaposi's sarcoma

    Labo, N., Marshall, V., Miley, W., Davis, E., McCann, B., Stolka, K. B., Ndom, P., Hemingway-Foday, J. J., Abassora, M., Newton, R., Smith, J. S. & Whitby, D., 1 Nov 2019

    Article in International Journal of Cancer

  5. 2018
  6. 2016
  7. 2015
  8. Home pesticide exposures and risk of childhood leukemia: Findings from the childhood leukemia international consortium

    Bailey, H. D., Infante-Rivard, C., Metayer, C., Clavel, J., Lightfoot, T., Kaatsch, P., Roman, E., Magnani, C., Spector, L. G., Th Petridou, E., Milne, E., Dockerty, J. D., Miligi, L., Armstrong, B. K., Rudant, J., Fritschi, L., Simpson, J., Zhang, L., Rondelli, R., Baka, M. & 4 others, Orsi, L., Moschovi, M., Kang, A. Y. & Schüz, J., 26 Jun 2015

    Article in International Journal of Cancer

  9. 2014
  10. Parental occupational pesticide exposure and the risk of childhood leukemia in the offspring: Findings from the childhood leukemia international consortium

    Bailey, H. D., Fritschi, L., Infante-Rivard, C., Glass, D. C., Miligi, L., Dockerty, J. D., Lightfoot, T., Clavel, J., Roman, E., Spector, L. G., Kaatsch, P., Metayer, C., Magnani, C., Milne, E., Polychronopoulou, S., Simpson, J., Rudant, J., Sidi, V., Rondelli, R., Orsi, L. & 3 others, Kang, A. Y., Petridou, E. & Schüz, J., 1 Nov 2014

    Article in International Journal of Cancer

  11. 2013
  12. Fetal growth and childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia: Findings from the Childhood Leukemia International Consortium (CLIC)

    Milne, E., Greenop, K. R., Metayer, C., Schuz, J., Petridou, E., Pombo-de-Oliveira, M. S., Infante-Rivard, C., Roman, E., Dockerty, J. D., Spector, L. G., Koifman, S., Orsi, L., Rudant, J., Dessypris, N., Simpson, J., Lightfoot, T. J., Kaatsch, P., Baka, M., Faro, A., Armstrong, B. K. & 2 others, Clavel, J. & Buffler, P. A., 2013

    Article in International Journal of Cancer

  13. 2012
  14. Self-reported history of infections and the risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma: An InterLymph pooled analysis

    Becker, N., Falster, M. O., Vajdic, C. M., de Sanjose, S., Martínez-Maza, O., Bracci, P. M., Melbye, M., Smedby, K. E., Engels, E. A., Turner, J., Vineis, P., Costantini, A. S., Holly, E. A., Spinelli, J. J., La Vecchia, C., Zheng, T., Chiu, B. C-H., Montella, M., Cocco, P., Maynadié, M. & 11 others, Foretova, L., Staines, A., Brennan, P., Davis, S., Severson, R., Cerhan, J. R., Breen, E. C., Birmann, B., Cozen, W., Grulich, A. E. & Newton, R., 15 Nov 2012

    Article in International Journal of Cancer

  15. EUROGIN 2011 roadmap on prevention and treatment of HPV-related disease

    Arbyn, M., Sanjosé, S. D., Saraiya, M., Sideri, M., Palefsky, J., Lacey, C., Gillison, M., Bruni, L., Ronco, G., Wentzensen, N., Brotherton, J., Qiao, Y-L., Denny, L., Bornstein, J., Abramowitz, L., Giuliano, A., Tommasino, M. & Monsonego, J., 1 Nov 2012

    Article in International Journal of Cancer

  16. 2011
  17. 2010
  18. 2009
  19. A case-control study of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma among Caucasian organ transplant recipients: the role of antibodies against human papillomavirus and other risk factors

    Casabonne, D., Lally, A., Mitchell, L., Michael, K. M., Waterboer, T., Pawlita, M., Imko-Walczuk, B., Wojnarowska, F., Proby, C., Harwood, C. & Newton, R., 15 Oct 2009

    Article in International Journal of Cancer

  20. Life course sun exposure and risk of prostate cancer: population-based nested case-control study and meta-analysis

    Gilbert, R., Metcalfe, C., Oliver, S. E., Whiteman, D. C., Bain, C., Ness, A., Donovan, J., Hamdy, F., Neal, D. E., Lane, J. A. & Martin, R. M., 15 Sep 2009

    Article in International Journal of Cancer

  21. 2008
  22. MLH1 -93G>A promoter polymorphism and risk of mismatch repair deficient colorectal cancer

    Allan, J. M., Shorto, J., Adlard, J., Bury, J., Coggins, R., George, R., Katory, M., Quirke, P., Richman, S., Scott, D., Scott, K., Seymour, M., Travis, L. B., Worrillow, L. J., Bishop, D. T., Cox, A. & UK NCRI Colorectal Clinical Studie, Colorectal Canc Study Grp, 15 Nov 2008

    Article in International Journal of Cancer

  23. The spectrum of human immunodeficiency virus-associated cancers in a South African black population: results from a case-control study, 1995-2004

    Stein, L., Urban, M. I., O'Connell, D., Yu, X. Q., Beral, V., Newton, R., Ruff, P., Donde, B., Hale, M., Patel, M. & Sitas, F., 15 May 2008

    Article in International Journal of Cancer

  24. Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and obesity: A pooled analysis from the InterLymph consortium

    Willett, E. V., Morton, L. M., Hartge, P., Becker, N., Bernstein, L., Boffetta, P., Bracci, P., Cerhan, J., Chiu, B. C. -H., Cocco, P., Dal Maso, L., Davis, S., De Sanjose, S., Smedby, K. E., Ennas, M. G., Foretova, L., Holiy, E. A., La Vecchia, C., Matsuo, K., Maynadie, M. & 12 others, Melbye, M., Negri, E., Nieters, A., Severson, R., Slager, S. L., Spinelli, J. J., Staines, A., Talamini, R., Vornanen, M., Weisenburger, D. D., Roman, E. & Interlymph Consortium, 1 May 2008

    Article in International Journal of Cancer

  25. Antibodies against malaria and Epstein-Barr virus in childhood Burkitt lymphoma: A case-control study in Uganda

    Carpenter, L. M., Newton, R., Casabonne, D., Ziegler, J., Mbulaiteye, S., Mbidde, E., Wabinga, H., Jaffe, H. & Beral, V., 15 Mar 2008

    Article in International Journal of Cancer

  26. Personal sun exposure and risk of non Hodgkin lymphoma: apooled analysis from the Interlymph Consortium

    Kricker, A., Armstrong, B. K., Hughes, A. M., Goumas, C., Smedby, K. E., Zheng, T., Spinelli, J. J., De Sanjose, S., Hartge, P., Melbye, M., Willett, E. V., Becker, N., Chiu, B. C. H., Cerhan, J. R., Maynadie, M., Staines, A., Cocco, P., Boffeta, P., Interlymph Consortium & Kane, E. V., 1 Jan 2008

    Article in International Journal of Cancer

  27. 2007
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