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  1. 2021
  2. 2019
  3. Holistic recollection via pattern completion involves hippocampal subfield CA3

    Grande, X., Berron, D., Horner, A. J., Bisby, J., Duzel, E. & Burgess, N., 9 Oct 2019

    Article in Journal of neuroscience

  4. 2018
  5. Updating Beliefs Under Perceived Threat

    Garrett, N., González-Garzón, A., Foulkes, L. E., Levita, L. & Sharot, T., 6 Aug 2018, (E-pub ahead of print)

    Article in Journal of neuroscience

  6. The effect of locomotion on early visual contrast processing in humans

    Benjamin, A. V., Wailes-Newson, K. H., Ma-Wyatt, A., Baker, D. H. & Wade, A. R. P., 21 Mar 2018

    Article in Journal of neuroscience

  7. 2017
  8. 2016
  9. 2015
  10. Default Mode Dynamics for Global Functional Integration

    Vatansever, D., Menon, D. K., Manktelow, A. E., Sahakian, B. J. & Stamatakis, E. A., 18 Nov 2015

    Article in Journal of neuroscience

  11. Consolidation of Complex Events via Reinstatement in Posterior Cingulate Cortex

    Bird, C. M., Keidel, J. L., Ing, L. P., Horner, A. J. & Burgess, N., 28 Oct 2015

    Article in Journal of neuroscience

  12. Unbalanced Peptidergic Inhibition in Superficial Neocortex Underlies Spike and Wave Seizure Activity.

    Whittington, M. A., Hall, S., Hunt, M. J., Simon, A., Cunnington, L. G., Carracedo, L. M., Schofield, I. S., Forsyth, R. & Traub, R. D., 24 Jun 2015

    Article in Journal of neuroscience

  13. Long-latency reductions in gamma power predict hemodynamic changes that underlie the negative BOLD signal

    Boorman, L. W., Harris, S. S., Bruyns-Haylett, M., Kennerley, A., Zheng, Y., Martin, C. J., Jones, M., Redgrave, P. & Berwick, J., 18 Mar 2015

    Article in Journal of neuroscience

  14. A causal role for posterior medial frontal cortex in choice-induced preference change

    Izuma, K., Akula, S., Murayama, K., Wu, D-A., Iacoboni, M. & Adolphs, R., 25 Feb 2015

    Article in Journal of neuroscience

  15. 2014
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